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Sweet Relief!

Farewell to the western world's Thai outpost!

We are out of Ko Phi Phi! I repeat: we are out of Ko Phi Phi!
Oooooh, the relief.
Seriously, this is wonderful. We are spending a night in Ranong today because we missed the ferry to Ko Phayam, but that is just fine. Finally we are a minority again... I was beginning to feel strange about that. A 5 hour bus ride from Phuket brought us to this lovely little coastal town, and it is incredible. It is very near the boarder (perhaps even on it) of Burma, and the tourist population is thankfully minimal. Prices of food and board are once again reasonable, and there's something satisfying about sticking out like a sore thumb once again.
The hostel we're at seems really great, and we can book things for Ko Phayam right here. We hope to stay at Bamboo Bungalows on the west coast of Ko Phayam. It's cheap, there are motorcycle rentals, kayaking, snorkeling (or sanorkaling or snokeling or snorkelig as they often spell it) and all other manners of activities. We haven't gotten there yet, but we're already giddy with anticipation. So excited even, that we're most likely abandoning our plan to make it for the January 28th full moon party and catch a later one. We leave at 9:00 tomorrow... and not a moment too soon, although Ranong seems like a pretty cool place too.
I am in such delight right now, fortuna has truly cast us on an upward cycle, and my gastric valve is fully opened (yes I started reading A Confederacy of Dunces again).
I hope that Ko Phayam is everything it seems to be... but as Tamir has stated, even if it's half as good as it looks, it will still be twice as good as Ko Phi Phi.
Oh yeah, to add to the negativity of the Ko Phi Phi experience, we got robbed as we were skinny dipping in the ocean late last night... silly silly tourists are we.

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Ko Phi Phi = Cancun in Thailand

Helloooooooo Tourists!

Hello All,
Well, we're out of that big ol' capital city, and now we're basking in the hot (and I mean really hot) beaches of Ko Phi Phi. Being much closer to the equater than Bangkok, I have found myself in a constant state of persperation, but that is to be expected. This place really is beautiful though, it truly takes the breath away. Beatiful beaches, clear blue water, mountains... it's really quite incredible. In fact, so incredible that it has become so jam packed with tourists that they seem to outnumber the locals. As the title suggests, Ko Phi Phi has an atmosphere similar to Cancun's spring break... it's really too bad. Unfortunately, the tourists here seem to be more interested in getting drunk on the beach than anything else, and there remains no true shred of Thai culture.
Because of the unpleasant atmosphere, the gang has decided to flee the island... tomorrow, so a grand total of 2 nights here. We rooted through the lonely planet and found a lovely little island by the name of Ko Phayam. It seems much more remote, and waaaaay less touristy. Right up our alleys it would seem. So tomorrow we take the ferry, then a bus, then another ferry, and end up on what we hope to be a very deserted little island. Lonely planet tells tales of motorcycle rentals and sea gypsies... we all pray that this is what we find.
So that is all for now... I'll be thinking of you all as we sail the oceans with the sea gypsies.

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We're here... finally

Dear Blogees,
Well, after what seemed like forever, we made it here safe and sound. We had very little trouble flying; only a 3 hour delay in Tokyo, but after 30 hours we arrived in humid, busy, dirty Bangkok.
After some much needed rest, Agnes and I attempted finding our way to Tamir and Katies hotel... but to no avail. Apparently street signs aren't needed here by locals, and addresses bear no resemblance to North American addresses. But we finally took a Tuk Tuk and found them. From there we went to see the Royal Palace, which was very interesting. We haven't done much else, and my time on the computer is running out, so this first blog will be a short one. But Thailand is great so far!
More to come...

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