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Well, as the title suggests, our plans have changed and we aren't where I thought we'd be at this time. On a whim, Agnes and I ditched the whole plan of going to Phanom Rung and other random areas in the northeast, and instead we travelled up up up to the tip top of the northeast. We are now in Nong Khai, and consequently on the Laotian border as well.

Nong Khai is a pretty swell place I must say. Although there is a fairly dense tourist population, it doesn't seem as if the locals attempt to cater to them at all. It is still in the Isan area, and is basically the transition from Thai culture to Laotian. We've traversed local markets and had a movie night at a bar run by some fellow from the UK - due to an accent thicker than peanut butter I didn't catch the exact location, but it sounded something like "suuthalahnd." By the way, Men Who Stare at Goats is a brilliant movie, one of the Cohen brothers' best in my opinion.
We hope to also check out a local sculpture park that was created by a wacky Laotian fellow. He tried to combine Hindu and Buddhist mythology into one great big batch of sculptures, and it sounds like it's quite a spectacle.

Agnes and I have also signed up to the WWOOF organisation (world wide opportunities on organic farms) and have been emailing and reading up on different places. It seems as if we're going to work in the Chiang Mai region sometime in the beginning of March. Having said that, plans could easily change, but we're both very excited about it and hopefully it will happen. To tell the truth I'm getting a little antsy and feel like I need to do something besides just being a tourist.

Well folks, that's all I have for you now. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that we're heading to Laos right after our stay in Nong Khai. Also, we don't have any literature on Laos, so any suggestions on what to see and do would be greatly appreciated. We'll probably stay in the northern bit because we don't have time to venture too far from northern Thailand, but who knows. Ta ta for now.
Maximus, your travelling boy on the Mekhong.

Posted by soupy 22:53

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yay for wwoof! i hope it works out for you... from what jayne and michael had said, it doesn't always turn out as well as it did for me in canada, but man my experience was extremely positive - i hope you guys can have the same thing. great way to travel, in my mind. also, i lurved chiang mai. hopefully you'll feel the same way.

good luck with laos. maybe you can visit ben jones.

by DAVIDwwwww

GREGGY !!!! I am just a tad offended that you addressed your blog only to "sirs" but I guess I can deal with it.
I'm so happy you are in Nong Khai!!! It is my favorite place ever, I do think. Which guest house are you staying at? if you are not at Mut Mee, I suggest you leave your current guest house and stay there. If you are, please enjoy it, and think of me and I will will myself to be there and enjoy it beside you.
Your adventures sound wonderful!!!
Missing you much,

by michelleee

What? Ben isn't actually in Laos is he? I'm sure you jest. Hopefully it does work out though with the WWOOFing, We've already found a place which looks really great.
Sorry Michelle, I was actually just making a reference to a book that I've been reading because this one girl always opens all of her letters that way. Nong Khai is really super, but we're not at Mut Mee. We're at another place called Sawasdee, but it's really nearby. It is also really really nice, and I don't think we'll switch since we're only here for one more night. We did hang out at the bar below it though, and it was super fun.

by soupy

Ah, really enjoying your stories Greg, keep up the good work dear brother!
love ya,

by Haskell

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