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Part One, Gregory Vs. The Pacific Ocean

Who will win? Read on ye faithful bloggees!

Well folks, our time at Koh Phayam is officially over... how sad. It was really lovely for the whole 8 days. We motorcycled some more, sunned ourselves reptillian style, and read (I've already finished all 3 books I brought along), and it was truly great. We even tried out some snorkeling... unfortunately it ended in tragedy, and here is the story of "Part One, Gregory vs. the Pacific Ocean:"

It began with a dream, nay, a vision. Agnes and I were to observe the beautiful aquatic life off the coast of Koh Phayam through the means of snorkeling. It began with high spirits, but a lack of underwater life caused the expedition to slowly lose its vigor. Being a non-Asian male, my feet were far too big for my fins, and I removed them, not knowing the future consequences of my decision. I also got bored and decided to head back due to the lack of excitement... and also partly because of a slight fear of sharks. I was in a bit of a hurry to get out of the water, and increased anxiety led me to take a short cut out of the water, one that involved a bit of clambering over rocky beds... bad bad idea. The very same rocks that attracted my tender little soles previously attracted hundreds of strange oysteresque creatures, and unbenownst to me, their shells are very, very sharp. I stepped on and immediately felt it tear through my soft North American feet. I gasped, stepped back, cut my other foot, fell, sliced open my hand, and dropped my fins down some god-forsaken ocean crevice - no doubt brimming with the teeth and pincers of innumerable eager sea creatures. I stood there stunned, and bleeding. It was right then when my shark anxiety climaxed, and I started frantically swimming back to shore (avoiding barnacled rocks like the plague) and screaming back to Agnes that I hurt myself, and that I had dropped my flippers. Every three or four feeble strokes, I frantically glanced over my shoulders for approaching dorsal fins. But alas, I made it to shore without catastrophe, and really only had major wounds on my hand and heel. In summary; round one goes to the Pacific... but I'll get it back, if it's the last things I do.

That was the most exciting event I have to write about. Besides that we just hung out until it was time to leave. Now we're in Ranong for 3 nights. Ranong is very Thai, very interesting, and very smelly (hot springs and garbage present a violent olfactory sensation).

Until next time,
Pierre, your wounded travelling boy.

Posted by soupy 05:22

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pierre, noooooo! i want you to be healthy and happy! think back to the day that brendan and i walked with you to the travel agency for health insurance: you've got options. whether or not it's worth it to actually stop and figure out how to get medical treatment, you COULD do that. and that's awesome.

where are you off to next? still the southern beaches? if you're thinking of heading up to chiang mai, i want to find the little café that i loved so i can send you there. it was quite honestly one of my favourite things about the city... food is nice.

get well. give a agnes a squeeze for me (and tamir and katie if you're still together). dazzle everybody, gorgeous greg. mwah. (that's a smacker on the cheek sound)

by DAVIDwwwww

Next up on the tentative agenda is Ranong for a bit, then Kanchanaburi, then Cambodia most likely. From there we might move north to Laos, and then to northern Thailand. But as I said earlier, it's all far from determined.

by soupy

That sounds suitably epic Greg, I think you might need a training montage if you're going to take round 2 (The Mighty Boosh boxing episode might have some good tips). Did you ever get your flippers back?
love ya,

by Haskell

After several minutes of fishing in fishy crevices, brave Agnes managed to fish them out.

by soupy

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