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Water, So... Much... Water

New Years in Thailand


I am dehospitalized at last! And thank you, I can hear your cheers of excitement all the way across the Pacific Ocean as you congratulate me on my recent freedom. Also, I have an answer to the great mystery, the mystery titled "Why He Got Sick; A Greg Boldt Story." The answer that this astonishing memoir will give you (don't bother reading it, it's overpriced and poorly written) is rat pee. I'll just say it once again and let it soak in; rat pee. I was hospitalized because of rat pee.
Apparently, Tom's seemingly harmless organic farm is void of many nasty chemicals and pesticides, but it still has something bad for you on it; rats. I guess that the rats residing in Tom's garden love to romp around in the compost bins... I can only imagine what horrendous atrocities are committed in there by the deviant rodents, likely filthy orgies fueled by cocaine and methamphetamines. But in my youthful innocence, as I worked with the soiled soil, I must have eaten a worm, eaten some dirt that looked tasty, or more likely, just not washed my hands before I ate. Either way, I contracted leptospirosis from the little buggers, and that is what made me sick. Or could it have been from the time when I drank that jar labeled: "Do Not Drink: Tom's Rat Urine"...

But I was released, and immediately got the bloody hell out of Chiang Mai. I had been there far too long. We ventured south to Sukothai, a town which hosts some impressive ruins. Well, we left on the 12th of April, which as you probably don't know, is the beginning of the Thais' new years festival. Now, they don't like to celebrate by getting drunk and shooting off fireworks like us wacky westerners. Instead, they have a massive waterfight for about a week... I still don't know which I prefer. So as we attempted to leave Chiang Mai, get to the ruins, explore the ruins, get back from the ruins, and pretty much everything else, we were constantly soaked. I haven't been dry for three days.
The Thais get everything that is dry wet at this time of year, especially foreigners. Every time we pass in an open taxi, you can hear them yell "falang, falang" ("white people"), and then ten or twelve little children run with buckets of ice cold water and drench every part of you, and everything that you're carrying. I can just imagine the conversations that take place; "okay, so you get 2 points for a thai, double points if they're dry, but if the person is white then it's 10 points, and if it's a white girl with a white shirt... whoo boy, jackpot!" It's really quite fun though, but slightly annoying when you're trying to get somewhere. They love to block the road so you cannot possibly escape the frigid waters.

We left Sukothai shortly after arriving, and had an overnight trip to get to Ko Chang. We decided that we wanted to hit the beach once more before we left, so here we are. We'll probably hang out here for another 2 days or so, do some snorkeling, hang out on the beach, ect. After that we're going to hang out for a couple of days in Bangkok. Hopefully do some shopping, see the biggest weekend market in Thailand, maybe join in on the riots, who knows? I believe that this may be the very last blog post, or the second last at least. It's been great, I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have.

Willy, your sopping wet traveling boy.

Posted by soupy 05:15

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safe travels! see you soon!

by DAVIDwwwww

At least it was organic rat pee, think about how bad it would have been if the rat had been chock full of RGH (rat growth hormone).

by Haskell

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