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Banana Cream Pai

Or dare I say... lemon meringue???

Howdy Doody,

So here I sit, your faithful traveling boy, in Thailand's very own Pai. It's a jaunt north of Chiang Mai, through some twisted roads and up up up the mountains. It's quite nice here... that is once you get used to breathing in the smoke of a hundred now slashed and/or burned forests. *Cough*... I think I have the black lung pops. I have a feeling that Pai would be incredible beautiful if you could actually see the surrounding area, but unfortunately that is not the case for us. "But Greg," you are undoubtedly saying at this moment, "scenery isn't all that there is to see!" How right you are dear reader, how right you are. Pai is a pretty interesting place I must say. It's gotten quite touristy as of late, but luckily we're here in the low season. Also, Pai has remained somewhat less tourist oriented than a lot of places. There is live music every single night, and it's a nice night life. It is much more geared towards having some drinks, talking, and listening to music, and less geared towards chugging beer, acting like an ass, and puking in the bushes... that being said, that option is always open. A lot of the locals are more involved in the night life, which is a really pleasant change. We befriended a very jolly and very drunk Thai at the local 7-11. His name is apparently that sound you make when you cluck your tongue, he comes from his mother, and when we saw him the next day he had no idea who we were. When we tried to convince him that we had met him the night before, he replied to us "I forget everything. I forget my mother!" Silly fellow. I guess that 7-11 attracting degenerates is a global phenomenon.

So hopefully Agnes and I still have a farm lined up for tomorrow or soon after. We kind of postponed it because we wanted to travel along with a friend we met in Vang Vieng. So tomorrow we're going to head to Chiang Mai, make a few phone calls, and head somewhere from there. That's b-dee b-dee b-dee b-dee all folks!!!


  • cluck*, your smokey traveling boy.

Posted by soupy 05:45

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i'd heard pai was a nice getaway in the mountains, but i heard that from the same fellow who loved khao san. glad to hear it's got its merits.

also, i just found out that you have a plane ticket booked not only home, but to HERE in about 5 or 6 weeks. i don't want to get you all disappointed about coming home or anything of that sort, but i'm pretty happy to be able to hear some recollections in person. and hang out. hanging out rules. HAVE A GOOD FARM.

by DAVIDwwwww

Maybe if the farm falls through you could work at the Thai 7-11! You are a working boy after all. Think of the stories you'd accumulate. Really like your stories Greg, so excited to see you again.

by Haskell

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