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Well, we have run into another wee little spot here in Asia. We were all set to head to Grandpa's organic farm and spend several weeks there, but alas, it was not to be. We arrived in Chiang Dao and called the farmer man Steven to come pick us up, and his reply was "didn't you get my message?" I guess he had emailed us the night before telling us that we shouldn't come. A Thai fellow they call "Grandpa" really owns the land and Steven rents it, and things between them weren't so peachy. That's an understatement actually, they were downright horrible and apparently this Grandpa fellow is a really big asshole. The relationship peaked in negativity a few days before we got there, and Steven decided to scrap the project and look for new land. Nevertheless, Steven brought us over for about 4 nights and we did some odd jobs for him. Steven is an extremely interesting fellow. Allow me to elaborate. He has some type of cancer right now and is fighting it by using a treatment based on carrot juice. He has been drinking vegetable juice and eating organic vegetables for almost a year straight now in the hopes that the power of the carrot will cure his sickness. From there, you can imagine what type of fellow he is. It was really fun working with him for the brief period we had. We harvested some veggies, weeded, built some compost bins, and moved a lot of compost. Today was our last day, and we went to the Chiang Dao Tuesday morning street market to sell carrot juice to Thais. Steven being who he is, has in his possession a giant chicken suit, and he decided that I was the perfect candidate to don this, strange apparel. So for several hours I tried to force organic carrot juice upon all passing Thais whilst dressed in an uncomfortable and sweaty chicken suit that I could barely see out of... needless to say, the Thais didn't take too much to the carrot juice, and I'm certain that I frightened multiple children.

So here we are now, spending a night in Chiang Dao, our farm experience severely lacking. We are in contact with another farm right now, but the fellow doesn't know if he needs help. We're going to spend a day or two here and see what he says. If it's good then we'll go, but if not, we'll figure something else out. I will let y'all know what's happening as soon as I do.
Also, I never did find my wallet... crud.

Yours truly,
Your travelling organic chicken boy.

Posted by soupy 04:16

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That's a bummer about Grandpa... and hopefully things work out with your other farmer. And if it's any consolation, I'm extremely envious of you getting to sell carrot juice in a beastialicious chicken suit. Good luck!

by jordoZ

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