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Bread! Glorious Bread!

La la la la la Laos

To Whom it Concerns,

Well, as you have most likely assumed, Agnes and I have crossed the border into the Lao People's Democratic Republic. The first thing that we've noticed about this lovely little country is that because of the French influence, they have bread!!! I personally love bread, and haven't eaten proper bread in almost a month... how dearly I missed it. They make delicious baguettes here, and I've been consuming sandwich after glorious sandwich. My system is very pleased, and my valve is responding positively to the familiarity.

Enough about bread. We crossed the border from Nong Khai to the Laotian capital of Vientiane. Now, Vientiane is not a very interesting place. It is about twice as expensive as everywhere else, and the Lonely Planet basically explains that the major points of interest are the temples, and the local bowling alley. Perhaps if there was a bowling alley inside a temple it would have been a little more interesting, but the monks here are passive people and don't enjoy the battering of innocent pins.
So instead of spending time in Vientiane, we moved north to Vang Vieng. It is quite a place, I must say. It's a tiny town of about 25,000, and the tourist population must make up a good portion of that. Despite this, it's a pretty fun place to be. There are many nearby caves which we have yet to see, maybe tomorrow or the day after. And the other major attraction involves tubing down the river and stopping by at various bars. We haven't done it yet, but perhaps we'll give it a whirl.

We plan on spending a few more nights here, and then we're going to venture north to Luang Probang, the former French capital of Laos. I've heard it's an interesting place, and it's bound to have baguette sandwiches aplenty! From there we're just planning on spending another couple weeks in Laos, and then going back to Thailand around the beginning of March. We told the farm that we are going to work for that we'll be there on the 5th, so that's all we have for a schedule right now. Au Revoir!

Gerald, your baguette-filled travelling boy.

Posted by soupy 02:23

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when you said "baguette sandwiches" i envisioned two slices of bread with a miniature baguette between them. i hope you can make this dream a reality.

good to hear you're doing well. i'd heard of the river-floaty-pub-crawl-thing in thailand, and all i can think to say is wear sunscreen. there were some amazing sunburn stories i heard...

the dominion house has officially begun to miss all you adventurers in earnest. brendan has expressed this on numerous nights, and the rest of us are feeling much the same way. so keep on kicking ass and come home with good stories.

and eat too much bread while you can.

by DAVIDwwwww

Why on earth have I not thought of this??? Never, in all of my life have I put a baguette inside of a sandwich... all these years, wasted! David Warkentin, when I get back to Winnipeg, the first adventure we have together is making this outrageous dream a reality. You in?

by soupy

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